Caruso Steam Rollers

When steam rollers is the subject, only one name comes to every experts mind; Caruso steam rollers. These steam rollers are safer, gentler, effective on all hair types, and can deliver the best curling and setting results down to the molecular level. This equipment is also known in the market as Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter or simply Caruso Hairsetter.

Caruso Steam Rollers



What are steam rollers and how do they work?

Hair rollers in general are grooming tools which are commonly used to curl and style the hair. And when talking about Caruso steam hair rollers, the main element that induces and enhances the curling of hair is steam. Have you notice that your hair can be easily styled when it is moist? This steam roller takes advantage of 2 natural and effective factors in curling and setting hair; moisture and heat. Each unit consists of the steam generator and several sets of rollers in different sizes. The steam heats up the roller which will eventually curl or set your hair.

How are steam rollers different from the other types of rollers?

As mentioned above, these hair rollers use steam. This is in contrast with common plastic rollers which use setting chemicals and hot rollers which simply use heat to curl and style hair. Since steam is natural compared to chemical setters and less hot compared to pure heat, Caruso steam rollers are considered safer.

caruso steam hair rollers

The beneficial features of Caruso

If you read some of the Caruso steam rollers reviews online, all its existing users agree that Caruso is an effective and safe way to curl and set hair. Here are some of the great features of the Caruso Hairsetter:

caruso steam rollers reviews

  • A safer roller. Caruso is safer since it doesn’t use chemicals and intense heat which could damage your hair. And compared to other steam roller systems, it doesn’t require salt as well.
  • Is effective down to the molecular level. Why is so effective? Because the Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter applies its wonders down to the molecular level of the hair.
  • Less static and frizz. The problem when using dry heat rollers is that it could generate static and frizz. These and other concerns can be eliminated using Caruso.
  • Moisture, shine, and luster of hair are maintained. The steam generated by the system can help maintain that needed moisture and shine all throughout the day.
  • 30 foam rollers in different sizes. Another benefit is the huge array of options when it comes to curling size. With Caruso, there are 30 different rollers to choose from.
  • Fast curling. Curling and styling results can be achieved in just a span of 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Can be used for all hair types. Whatever your hair type and condition is, Caruso steam rollers can handle the job.

Tips when using Caruso rollers

After knowing where to buy Caruso steam rollers and actually purchasing your unit, it’s now time to note the proper ways to effectively use it. Here are some of the best tips:

caruso molecular steam hairsetter



  • Ensure that your hair is totally dry.
  • Don’t leave the roller on steam too long.
  • Also steam the unit’s shield before placing it.
  • Distilled water is pure and is more ideal to use.
  • Blow drying can help the curls created last.
  • And regularly clean the machine or unit to eliminate mineral buildup coming from tap water.

So, if you want gorgeous and lasting curls, eliminate those rollers which can damage your hair and just shift to Caruso Steam Rollers.

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