How Do Steam Rollers Work

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Are you interested in using steam rollers but are not sure about their safety and components? The best way to eliminate this concern is to familiarize yourself with steam hair rollers and how do they actually work.

The Parts

Starting with the components, a steam roller system usually has three main parts: the water heating mechanism, the water reservoir, and the individual rollers. The electrical heating mechanism is generally built-in or incorporated within the water reservoir and only the rollers are the detachable parts. The steam hair rollers come in different sizes each producing a certain size of curl on the hair. They are also made out of foam to absorb the steam created by the main unit.

How the system works

The idea is really simple. You steam or heat up the rollers before using them unto the hair to curl it up. First, the main unit is plugged in an electrical outlet which causes the water contained in the reservoir to boil and produce steam. Some systems require the use of salt water but majority like the Caruso steam rollers would simply require plain water.

steam rollers

On top of the steaming unit is a small hole or section where the rollers shall be fitted. Your desired size of roller is inserted in this outlet for it to absorb the steam and be heated. Dependent on the manufacturer’s instruction, you just need to wait several minutes before finally using the roller into the hair part you want to be curled.

The secret behind steam rollers is the combination of moisture and heat coming from the steamed rollers. Wet and moisture relaxes the hair strands making them easier to curl and style. Once moistened, the curling ability comes from the heat of the steam. So after removing the rollers, you will immediately see the curls and waves you have created.

The difference between steam rollers and ordinary hot rollers

What’s the difference between steam hot rollers and ordinary hot or heated rollers? The former obviously uses steam heat while the latter just plain heat similar to an iron. Ordinary hot rollers are usually heated similar to the idea of a microwave oven. There’s no water or steam involved. And this stresses the main advantage of steam rollers, the presence of moisture or steam content which reduces or even eliminates the potential damage to hair if you are simply using plain heat. The heat involved in the steam type is not as high as that of the pure hot rollers. Not to mention that the steam types is more effective and faster in delivering those waves and curls.

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