List of Essential Hair Styling Tools

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Women don’t only have their on-the-go or at-home makeup kits, but there are also the hair styling tools or kits as well. This is because a total makeover involves the whole body from top to bottom with focus on the hairdo and facial makeup. Are you currently in the process of building or completing your hair care and styling tools? Here are some of the essentials that should be included in your list.

A set of comb

Perhaps the most basic hair styling tool is the comb. A simple plastic tool can be enough for the on-the-go people but if you are serious when it comes to styling, you will need a set of different combs like those with finer or larger teeth, the hairbrush, etc. A lot of people are surprisingly not familiar with the use of each kind of comb. For example, combs with finer teeth are specifically used for teasing or to build volume.

Scissors and clippers

The basic hair cutting tools include the scissors and clippers. Of course, these are heavily used and popular at salons but if you constantly need to trim or restyle your hair, they are musts.


hair styling tools

Hairdryers or otherwise known as hand dryers are generally used to quickly dry hair after washing or taking the shower. These hair styling tools work by blowing high pressures of hot or cold air to speed up the hair drying process. And they are not solely used for drying since they can also make the hair more flexible to styling.

Hair irons

Hair irons are the quick-fix tools to be able to curl or set the hair in a particular way. It applies heat to physically change the hair structure just like heating up plastic for you to be able to curl, straighten up, or fix it in a certain manner.

Hair rollers or curlers

Then there’s the hair curling tools. And there are different types of curlers from the regular plastic rollers which are usually aided by chemicals to work, the ceramic or heated curlers, and the safer steam-powered ones like Caruso steam rollers.

Hair pins, headbands, setters, and other accessories

Finally, there are small and simple hair styling tools which help style and keep your hair in place even without the need to use chemicals, shampoos, heat, steam, etc. Examples include; hair pins, headbands, the basic rubber bands, ribbons, kanzashi, and many more.

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